Midiscor 3 (digital download)

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Midiscor 3 (digital download)

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Product Information

Midiscor converts files created using SCORE and WINSCORE to standard midi files. It provides a single integrated environment in which accurate performance realizations can be made. The main features are

Built-in multi-track MIDI playback (which can be used with any MIDI file)
Easy to use file selection system
Reads up to 350 staves or instruments
Reads multiple systems in a file
Reads cross-stave notes
Interprets SCORE Code 9 items
Interprets trills and other multiple note events
Interprets crescendos and decrescendo 'hairpins' and other relative change events
Inerprets repeat barlines
Templates allow setting up sophisticated MIDI configurations
Automatically switchesw to SCORE or WINSCORE on playback to display original files
Automatically sorts SCORE items
Intelligently looks for missing or duplicated instrument numbers and time signatures
Option to duplicate dynamics in staves linked by braces (ie. in piano music)
Produces type 0 and type 1 MIDI files
Reads SCORE version 2, 3, 4 and WINSCORE (version 5) files

New features in version 3

New 32-bit version installs and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and presumably 8).
Reworked and simplified Symbols and Template windows.
Symbols can now be defined for individual staves (for instance pizz. and arco for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass can all be defined separately by linking them to Template Instruments).
No longer necessary to add instrument numbers to staves in order to get Midiscor to run. However, in some cases it may still be preferable to add instrument numbers (for instance in optimized scores).
Improved handling of ties.
Converts Midi lyrics for use with Yamaha's Vocaloid vocal synthesizer amongst others.
Playback supports the latest soft synths like the included Timidity++ GM synthesizer. This makes it easy to playback your scores without setting up external midi devices.

New features to version 3.1

Filters for Symbols and Specials windows displays only those specific to the selected instrument.
Delete button for Symbols and Specials allows single and multi-select removal.
New hard-coded special symbols - [a tempo] and [tempo I] can be used by any code 9 or text symbol. [a tempo] returns the tempo to the previous tempo, [tempo I] returns the tempo to the original tempo.
New Library Path function allows multiple paths for options and library, so that multiple projects can be managed.
New Percussion map function allows the setting up of multiple maps, which can then be specified by individual instruments within a template.
Interprets Winscore's code 8 parameter 13 for overriding instruments' midi transpositions on a page by page basis.
Impoved handling of fermatas.

Product Code MIDISCOR3
Manufacturer Ararat Software
Condition New

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