Ear Training Coach Grades 3-4

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Ear Training Coach Grades 3-4

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The second in the five disc Adventus series will take the student through a 10-grade curriculum in ear training and sight-reading. Ear training coach represents a revolutionary new approach to improving ear training and sight-reading skills. It is the perfect tool to augment music student development. It provides the re-enforcement and feedback that are difficult and time consuming for the music teacher to provide. It is the perfect complement to personal lessons.

Grades 3-4 builds on the work done in earlier grades to improve:

Rhythms: Recognize rhythmic patterns. Repeat simple rhythms from memory. Make random selections from hundreds of rhythms matching the grade level. Student plays it back in time with metronome.

Melody Playback: This develops the student's ability to remember a musical sequence and play it back. The program presents the key signature of a short graded melody, and plays it twice for the student. The student attempts to play it back in time with a metronome.
Sight Reading: Develop the ability to review musical passages and play them back accurately at sight. Choose between rhythms and melodic passages. Test either note accuracy (novices), or put notes and timing components together. Detailed feedback is provided.

Intervals:This helps the student develop the ability to listen to different pitches being played, and discern musical interval or distance accurately. Each distance has a name or symbol. This improves the ability to remember and play back sequences of intervals. Start at novice level and gradually increase the difficulty.

Games: Our games reinforce the teachings of other program components and develop related skills (in a fun environment for students).

Personal Profile: Individual performance records let you or your instructor review your progress. Ear Training Coach monitors progress and recommends when the student should move on to the next grade level.

System requirements:

WIN: (not available for Mac)
Windows7, Vista, XP, 2000
Pentium 3 or 500+ MHz Windows PC
128+ MB RAM
CD-ROM drive
Audio: Dedicated sound card with hardware MIDI synthesis

Speakers and/or headset (microphone optional)
MIDI keyboard with cable (velocity sensitive recommended)


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