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Capella Professional

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Product Information

With Capella you can...
produce scores of the same quality as the best commercial sheet music,
enter music in one key and transpose it to any other,
extract parts in any combination from a complete score,
copy extracts from the score into a word processor or desk top publisher,
play back your work to proof hear it,
export the score as a MIDI file, metafile or TIFF file.

Multiple level undo.
The Gallery system allows you to design and save your own notes, graphics or transposing symbols.
6 voices per stave, and up to 15 notes per chord.
Colour - any aspect of the score can be highlighted for teaching or playing.
Graphics - design group together, layer and place in front of or behind notes, and anchor to notes.
Staves - large and small on the page for accompanist work, 1 to 11 stave lines available, all can be dotted or dashed.
Cross stave beaming at the press of a key.
Stems- automatic direction, force up or down, or shorten or lengthen.
Beams - automatic grouping to a range of models including the ability to sub group.
Beams - the calculated slope of beams can be set to a wide range of standards (inc flat) and you can set your own easily by dragging node points on a graph.
Real Time MIDI keyboard entry.
View the score as side by side pages, percentage zoom, multiple windows on the same score and split screen with areas scrolling and others frozen.
Cross Hair for layout.
Two sided printing via odd and even page options.
Wrap around. After you have entered the notes you can specify a different number of bars across the page or you can let capella select an appropriate number based on the number of notes per bar.
Transposition. Diatonic or chromatic and defined by selecting an interval or specifying a target key. You can repeat a transposition by a simple keystroke rather than going back through the menus. Individual notes can be changed in pitch by using the PC keyboard up and down arrows.
Fine tuning of layout includes horizontally moving notes and accidentals, for example to avoid clashes in chords. Bracketted accidentals are also included as a built in function. Stave spacing can be changed by dragging staves with the mouse as well as by entering settings through a dialogue box.
Lyrics - appear as typed on score under the notes and can be set with notes fixed or notes allowed to expand.
Text can be changed anywhere in the line to a new font and font size. Raising or lowering letters is easily done by clicking on buttons to get supscripts etc. of any height.
You can create your own score templates containing instruments and spacing that suit your needs. This is extended into typesetting style settings such as stave thickness and spacing around each note through entries in a separate settings file.
Your favourite articulation sign and font? An articulation sign can be added to the preselected shortcut keys if the range does not cover the one you use most. The default font can be changed.
Search for a tune. If you don't know the file name of a score capella can now search through your saved scores for a fragment of a tune.


System requirements:


Windows 98se, 2000, ME, XP, Vista



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